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Install and Configure TSM Client for DB2 in Linux

Register Node on TSM Server Nodename: DB2 Install TSM [root@db2 ~]# cd /tmp/ [root@db2 tmp]# tar -xvf CZGL9ML.tar.gz [root@db2 tmp]# rpm -i TSMCLI_LNX/tsmcli/linux86/gskcrypt32- [root@db2 tmp]# rpm -i TSMCLI_LNX/tsmcli/linux86/gskssl32- [root@db2 tmp]# rpm -i TSMCLI_LNX/tsmcli/linux86/gskssl64- [root@db2 tmp]# rpm -i TSMCLI_LNX/tsmcli/linux86/gskcrypt64- [root@db2 tmp]#

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How to enable EVC on Vcenter VM

1) Power off all VMs of one of host. 2) Disconnect host. 3) Remove host from cluster. 4) Create a new EVC enabled cluster. 5) Add removed host to EVC enabled cluster. 6) Open VI Client direct to host that

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